In compliance with section 17(b) of the Securities Act, we are disclosing that AMMO Inc. (NASDAQ: POWW) is a client of TraDigital Marketing Group, Inc. and POWW has an agreement in place to compensate TraDigital Marketing Group, Inc.,  $390,000 for publicly disseminating information about AMMO Inc., via website, email, and SMS, and a one-time securities fee of 300,000 shares of common stock, earned on December 1, 2021 and issued in two equal tranches, for TraDigital Marketing Group, Inc., investor awareness and digital marketing services. The warrants have 5 year terms at $0.01 per share exercise price and the exercised shares will be eligible for sale on 06/01/2022. Although we are not obligated to sell our shares, for the purpose of this disclosure, we suggest that you assume we will sell all of our shares once the restriction is lifted on 06/01/2022.

Investor awareness and investor relations services and programs are designed to help small-cap companies communicate their investment characteristics. TraDigital Marketing Group, Inc., investor awareness and advisory services include multimedia marketing and other awareness services.