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Ric Schumacher

President, CEO, and Founder

Having founded/managed four publicly traded companies over the past 25 years, and having worked closely with many more, I am well aware of the importance of getting understandable, well-written, and hard-hitting information to investors. Widespread exposure in real time through multiple channels of communication is critical. MJ Clyburn and his Team at TraDigital not only understand and espouse the importance of strategic, multi-faceted exposure for their clients through both traditional and digital means, they enable it through their very effective use of news releases, persuasive articles, advertisements, social media, website traffic, and other methods of effectively telling the story. It has been my pleasure to have worked with MJ and his all-star team of highly energetic and experienced professionals over the past several years, and I look forward to their continued partnership as we together take our company to even greater heights.