DETROIT, April 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Amesite Inc. (NASDAQ: AMST), a leading artificial intelligence software company offering a cloud-based learning platform for business and education markets, announces today it is extending its partnership with Michigan Works! Southeast (MWSE), a longtime leader in upskilling the workforces of Southeast Michigan, fostering training for both employers and workers.

This continued partnership will deliver upskilling needs, specifically training on artificial intelligence technologies for the Michigan workforce on MWSE’s proprietary Learning Community Environment® – powered by Amesite.

Shamar Herron, Executive Director, Michigan Works! Southeast said, “The emergence of “new collar” jobs is a result of the power of artificial intelligence to increase the capabilities of all workers. In collaboration with Amesite, we are preparing our constituents to seize these skills-driven opportunities, by upskilling them in cutting-edge work practices.”

AI is expected to replace 85 million jobs and create 97 million jobs by 2025. 93% of US organizations consider AI to be a business priority. 71% of adopters say AI has already changed their company’s job roles and skills; 82% believe AI will lead to significant changes to job roles and skills over the next three years.

About Amesite Inc.

Amesite delivers its scalable, customizable, white-labeled online learning platform to universities, businesses, museums, and government agencies, enabling them to deliver outstanding digital learning. Amesite provides a single system that combines eCommerce, instruction, engagement, analytics, and administration using best-in-class infrastructure to serve multi-billion-dollar online learning markets. For more information, visit

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