Investor Relations

We advise clients on how to effectively communicate their investment narrative with the sell-side and buy-side communities and implement IR strategies that achieve appropriate valuation. We support clients throughout the entire IR process, including quarterly earnings, investor days, investor thesis and presentation development, perception studies, peer benchmarking, sell-side engagement, and ongoing investor marketing.
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    • Corporate Positioning/ Message Development
    • Shareholder Communications
    • Analyst Relations
    • Buy-side Marketing
    • Capital Markets Counsel
    • Investor Presentations
    • IPOs, SPACs & Spin-offs
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • IR Website Development

Corporate Positioning/ Message Development

Strategic positioning answers the question, “Why should I invest?” Effective message development is an instrumental step towards successfully positioning a company with investors...

Shareholder Communications

Effective shareholder communications help foster transparency, build trust and maintain a positive relationship between a company and its investors...

Analyst Relations

It is critical that an analyst relations program works in lockstep with the broader corporate strategy to help promote key business objectives...

Buy-side Marketing

With more than 150 years of cumulative industry experience representing hundreds of public companies, TraDigital has...

Capital Markets Counsel

Each path to becoming a public company presents unique criteria, challenges and opportunities. Regardless of which route you choose...

Investor Presentations

A professional investor presentation helps set our clients apart from other companies competing for capital and resources. We collaborate with...

IPOs, SPACs & Spin-offs

We will set a professional investor relations foundation in place, ready management for investor engagement and help you act like a public company...

Regulatory Compliance

The TraDigital team has extensive experience and is intimately familiar with the ever-changing regulations. We communicate regularly...

IR Website Development

An investor relations website is an indispensable tool for any publicly traded entity, serving as a bridge between the company and its...

Investor Relations

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