Introduces New Crispy Shrimp Tempura with Gochujang Honey Mayo and Purple Rice

LEAGUE CITY, TEX., May 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pokemoto, Muscle Maker, Inc.’s (Nasdaq: GRIL) growing Hawaiian Poke Bowl restaurant concept, today announced May 23rd as the official launch date of its newest limited time only crispy shrimp tempura with house made Gochujang honey mayo and purple rice menu options. Pokemoto now has over 40 different ingredients consumers can choose from to make their unique, customized poke bowl, burrito or salad. The combinations are virtually endless.

Crispy shrimp tempura is served with our in-house made Gochujang honey mayo sauce and can be ordered as a protein in bowls and burritos but can also be purchased as a side item. All items are heated in our air fryers for a crispy alternative in your bowl creation. Guests can choose between ahi-tuna, salmon, chicken, shrimp, tofu and now crispy shrimp tempura to customize their bowls to their unique personal preferences.

Purple rice is our latest base option for bowls and burritos. Purple rice has more anti-oxidants than brown or white rice, is naturally gluten free, and is a significant source of iron and protein and high in fiber – and it really is purple! Guests can choose between sushi-rice, brown rice, salad blend and now purple rice to start their poke bowl creation. Purple rice makes our bowls even more instagrammable – it’s a color (and flavor) explosion!

“Our culinary team is working hard on finding new and unique items to bring a special flavor profile to our Pokemoto restaurants,” said Mike Roper, CEO of Pokemoto. “Our guests expect us to introduce new flavors, add unique items and continue to provide healthy, fresh alternatives to everyday burgers, pizza or chicken. Crispy shrimp tempura with our new Gochujang honey mayo sauce and purple rice are just the latest examples of our menu innovations.”

Recently, Pokemoto launched a new Bubble tea program, also known as Boba tea, and is available to consumers in participating locations. Bubble tea is a perfect beverage for any daypart. You can make healthier versions of Bubble tea or you can have decadent options, the choice is yours. The Bubble tea program is made up of fresh brewed black or green teas which can be purchased individually or combined with other ingredients to produce various chill-served milk tea and fruit tea combinations. Pokemoto also offers three toppings – tapioca, pop Boba and fruit jelly in multiple flavors to add a unique texture and flavor to the Millennial and Gen-Z driven beverages. The beverages are prepared fresh, shaken and then sealed with a commercial sealer for safety and ease of delivery.

About Muscle Maker, Inc.

Muscle Maker, Inc. is the parent company of “healthier for you” brands delivering high-quality healthy food options to consumers through traditional and non-traditional locations such as military bases, universities, ghost kitchens, delivery and direct to consumer ready-made meal prep options. Brands include Muscle Maker Grill restaurants, Pokemoto Hawaiian Poke and SuperFit Foods meal prep. Our menus highlight healthier versions of traditional and non-traditional dishes and feature grass fed steak, lean turkey, chicken breast, Ahi tuna, salmon, shrimp, tofu and plant-based options. For more information on Muscle Maker, Inc., visit, for more information on Pokemoto visit or for more information on SuperFit Foods visit

About Pokemoto

Pokemoto ( a Hawaiian Poke bowl concept known for its modern culinary twist on a traditional Hawaiian classic has open locations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida, Maryland and Virginia with future locations coming soon in Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Mississippi. Pokemoto offers contemporary flavors with fresh delectable ingredients that appeals to foodies, health enthusiasts, and sushi-lovers everywhere. Guests can choose from a list of signature bowls or be bold and build their own unique combination of a base, protein and various toppings and nine different sauces. Vegetarian options are available, and the bowl combinations are virtually limitless. The colorful dishes and modern chic dining rooms provide an uplifting dining experience for guests of all ages. Customers can dine in-store or order online via third party delivery apps for contactless delivery.

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