“NetNut has become a major infrastructure provider for us at Crystal Ball Systems, Inc. It’s speed and performance allow us to support our thousands of clients”

HERZLIYA, Israel, Nov. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Safe-T Group Ltd. (Nasdaq: SFET) (TASE: SFET) (“Safe-T” or the “Company”), a global provider of cybersecurity and privacy solutions to consumers and enterprises, today announced that its enterprise privacy unit, NetNut Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Safe-T), is successfully gaining increased traction among E-commerce customers in preparation for November shopping events. NetNut is a provider of proxy solutions to some of the world’s most renown platforms and brands, as well as of many providers of E-commerce solutions.

“One of the most undeniable online trends is the rise of shopping through E-commerce platforms during the month of November and the coming holidays. Most E-commerce platforms rely on vast amounts of data in real-time to constantly analyze competitors’ products, prices, and shipping costs,” commented Shachar Daniel, Chief Executive Officer of Safe-T. “The ability to gather such important competitive information is made possible with the use of NetNut’s solutions and its advanced worldwide proxy network.”

Michael Abrams, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Crystal Ball Systems Inc., NetNut’s customer, said, “NetNut has become a major infrastructure provider for us at Crystalball Systems Inc. Its speed and performance allow us to provide our thousands of clients with real-time accurate E-commerce data. We are excited to work with NetNut towards the very busy and successful shopping month of November”.

About NetNut Ltd.
NetNut Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Safe-T Group Ltd., is a provider of fast, reliable and scalable proxy solutions for all web scraping and web data extraction requirements. By utilizing a dynamic network and delivering optimized IP pools, NetNut is the ultimate solution for scraping and collecting web data at high speed and lower rates.
NetNut’s use cases includes web data extraction, market research, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) monitoring and Search Engine Results Page (SERP) tracking, price comparison, social media management (SMM), advertising verification, brand protection, travel aggregation and more. NetNut’s proxy network comprises exit points based on its proprietary reflection technology and hundreds of servers located at its ISP partners around the world. The infrastructure is optimally designed to guarantee the privacy, quality, stability, and the speed of the service.

About Safe-T Group Ltd.
Safe-T Group Ltd. (Nasdaq: SFET) (TASE: SFET) is a global provider of cyber-security and privacy solutions to consumers and enterprises. The Company operates in three distinct segments: enterprise cyber-security solutions, enterprise privacy solutions, and consumer cyber-security and privacy solutions.

Our cybersecurity and privacy solutions for consumers provide a wide security blanket against ransomware, viruses, phishing, and other online threats as well as a powerful, secured, and encrypted connection, masking their online activity and keeping them safe from hackers. The solutions are designed for advanced and basic users, ensuring full personal protection for all personal and digital information.

Our privacy solutions for enterprises are based on our world’s fastest and most advanced and secured proxy network, enabling our customers to collect data anonymously at any scale from any public sources over the web using a unique hybrid network. Our network comprises both exit points based on our proprietary reflection technology and hundreds of servers located at our ISP partners around the world. The infrastructure is optimally designed to guarantee the privacy, quality, stability, and the speed of the service.

Our cybersecurity solutions for enterprises, designed for cloud, on-premises and hybrid networks, mitigates attacks on enterprises’ business-critical services and sensitive data, while ensuring uninterrupted business continuity. Organizational data access, storage and exchange use cases, from outside the organization or within, are secured according to the “validate first, access later” philosophy of Safe-T’s zero trust. Our ZoneZero® solutions are available by our reseller, TerraZone Ltd., a global information security provider, as a solution or cloud service.

For more information about Safe-T, visit www.safetgroup.com

Forward-Looking Statements
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