REDMOND, OR / ACCESSWIRE / January 3, 2023 / Expion360 Inc. (NASDAQ:XPON), an industry leader in lithium-ion battery power storage solutions, has been selected as the exclusive supplier of high-energy lithium-ion batteries for a new off-grid, extreme overland RV camper series manufactured by Imperial Outdoors. The win for Expion360 builds upon a multi-year supplier relationship with the manufacturer.

Expion360 state-of-the-art 360Ah e360 Li-ion batteries will provide high-capacity, energy-dense storage for roof-mounted solar power systems on Imperial Outdoors’ newly introduced XploreRV X145 and X195 camper models. The system makes hot summer camping more enjoyable by powering a built-in DC air conditioning unit that requires 2,000 watts of power to operate. Such power is not practical with traditional lead-acid batteries.

The rugged campers feature the same heavy-duty construction and insulation that keep ice-fisherman warm in -40° Fahrenheit temperatures. For traversing the roughest terrain or deep snow, their reinforced chassis roll on large, off-road tires with more than 20 inches of ground clearance. All together, these capabilities eliminate the traditional off-season and introduce a new world of extreme off-grid winter camping.

“We have always taken great pride in equipping our RV campers with the best quality components available on the market, and e360 batteries have been no exception,” stated Imperial Outdoor co-principal, Deanna Nelson. “They can withstand the toughest backroads use, yet in the most energy-dense, compact form factor that is key for practical offroad camper use, such as for powering air conditioning systems while off-grid.”

Expion360 has already begun shipping lithium batteries to Imperial Outdoors for installation, with the extreme overland RV campers available today for purchase through Imperial Outdoors dealerships nationwide.

“Imperial Outdoors’ top-quality, all-weather, all-terrain RV campers demand the most rugged and reliable onboard power systems available today, so we build our batteries with high quality components and expert assembly to meet this challenge,” commented Expion360 CEO, John Yozamp. “Our Expion360 batteries can Power the Pursuit™ of overland adventurers for any season of the year.”

Due to their superior design and quality materials, such as the use of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), Expion360 lithium batteries deliver greater capacity and space savings compared to lead-acid batteries, and feature better construction and reliability compared to other Li-ion batteries on the market. Specially reinforced, fiberglass-infused, premium ABS and solid mechanical connections provide top performance and safety.

e360 batteries can have a lifespan of 12 years, or three to four times that of most lead-acid batteries. Despite being half the weight, e360 batteries can also provide three times the power and 10 times the number of charging cycles compared to standard lead-acid batteries. With Expion360 batteries, adventurers can enjoy the most beautiful and remote places even longer and in greater comfort.

“In addition to providing superior performance in harsh environments, our exclusive Li-ion battery supply agreement with Imperial Outdoors also reflects the exceptional engineering support we provide our OEM partners,” added Yozamp. “We believe our technology innovation and integration, matched with our hands-on customer education and training, sets us apart from other Li-ion battery suppliers in the country. We see this as a winning combination.”

This Imperial Outdoors win follows the recent announcement that Expion360 was selected by another manufacturer as the exclusive supplier of high-energy lithium-ion batteries for an overland trailer to be branded and sold by a top U.S. sports utility vehicle manufacturer.

Expion360 Li-ion batteries are available today through more than 213 dealers, wholesalers, private-label customers, and OEMs across the country. To find your local Expion360 dealer or purchase Expion360 batteries and accessories online, go to

About Imperial Outdoors
Imperial Outdoors is a leading manufacturer of true four-season, off-road capable campers designed for those looking to take their RV on an outdoor adventure. From the inside out, Imperial Outdoors products are fully finished with top quality materials and appointed with the best accessories and electronics available. The company pays special attention to the functionality and usability of its products, not just the aesthetics, to ensure the best user experience and quality possible. With sturdier construction, better insulation, and a strong focus on weight reduction, Imperial Outdoors is built from the ground up with owner satisfaction in mind.

The company’s Imperial XploreRV product line combines the same construction and insulation methods that keep ice-fisherman warm in -40°F temperatures, with a reinforced chassis that boasts 20+ inches of ground clearance and large, off-road tires. XploreRV eliminates the “off-season” and will make you rethink your stance on winter camping. For more information, go to

About Expion360
Expion360 is an industry leader of premium lithium batteries and accessories for recreational vehicles and the marine industry, with planned expansion into residential and industrial applications. The company sources, assembles and white-labels components and finished products.

Founded in 2016 by CEO John Yozamp, Expion360 designs and engineers its batteries out of its headquarters in Redmond, Oregon. To learn more about the company, visit

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