Cooperation marks a milestone for Infobird’s digital marketing solution in the New Energy Vehicle industry

BEIJINGDec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Infobird Co., Ltd (Nasdaq: IFBD) (“Infobird” or the “Company”), a software-as-a-service provider of innovative AI-powered, or artificial intelligence enabled, customer engagement solutions in China, announced today it had entered into a service agreement with HYCAN, a New Energy Vehicle (“NEV”) manufacturer, for a multidimensional partnership to enhance the brands digital marketing capabilities. Leveraging Infobird’s all-inclusive solutions and resources, HYCAN can now more precisely and effectively promote its new intelligent vehicles to the large Generation Z customer base for NEV’s and achieve a significant upgrade of its digital marketing tools.

This partnership is expected to be a driving force behind HYCAN’s solid growth by pushing forward its digital marketing efforts and thus expanding its market share in China. Infobird believes there is broad opportunity for future collaboration between the two companies. With its experience and expertise in digital marketing, intelligent customer engagement, and private realm operation, Infobird has the capability to provide a variety of customer engagement capabilities for HYCAN. Together with HYCAN, Infobird is delivering a new model of digital marketing for this rapidly growing NEV enterprise.

Founded in 2018, HYCAN is a rising NEV company. Co-invested by Pearl River Investment, GAC Group and NIO, HYCAN has emerged as a high-end brand within the emerging futuristic travel ecosystem as it devotes itself to creating smart and pleasant travel experience and providing users with the intelligent “Third Space” other than residences and offices. This collaboration marks Infobirds’s first of what it hopes will be many more customer awards for its digital marketing solutions in the NEV industry and ushers in a brand new growth vertical for its SaaS business.

With increasingly mature technologies and supporting facilities, it is expected that NEVs will become a major driving force for the vehicle industry. According to McKinsey China Auto Consumer Insights 2021China’s New Energy Passenger Vehicle(“NEPV”) market reported a sales volume of 1.127 million in 2020, up by 22%, including 60% for individual purchases. In 2020 China NEV Supply Chain White BookRoland Berger predicted that by 2030, China’s NEV sales volume is expected to reach 11.06 million, up by 881% compared to 2020. Nonetheless, as a growing number of NEV manufacturers enter the field, the competition for consumer attention is expected to become ever more challenging. This heightened competition will bring new requirements and challenges for both the product offering and the marketing power of vehicle manufacturers. McKinsey China Auto Consumer Insights 2021 states that China’s vehicle market is in accelerating transformation, wherein “digital channels play an increasingly important role in consumers’ decision-making. Automakers need to optimize digital touchpoints and promote their digital channels while establishing systems to manage online operations. The rapid change of consumer retail formats has triggered a strong desire among car buyers for a fully digitized experience in new car sales and after-sales services. OEMs should recognize these changes in consumer behavior and transform their retail network”.

As an innovator in the NEV ecosystem and one of the newest brands, HYCAN made full use of the advantages and resources of its three shareholders, i.e. Pearl River Investment, GAC and NIO, ever since its establishment. Thanks to the strong resource support of its shareholders, within three short years, HYCAN has built its own ecosystem and formed a unique vehicle manufacturing platform. At present, HYCAN possesses 18 types of core technologies, over 800 technical and service achievements and 100 top scientists from all over the world. It has built itself into a world-class Intelligent 4.0 Factory and is likely to lead vehicle manufacture in the next generation. The whole process of its new mass-produced type Z03, from R&D, production arrangements to the product launch, took only 10 months. With the successive launches of new products, HYCAN is expected to cover sedans and SUVs fully by 2022. HYCAN adheres to co-creating with its users by identifying itself as “Fashion” and “Intelligent” in order to reach and attract the new generation of consumers more accurately by combining e-sports and cartoon IPs. As one of the fastest-growing manufacturers among NEV brands, HYCAN has gradually formed complete online and offline marketing channels. So far it owns 112 outlets in 102 cities around China. By the end of December2021, it will have 150 experience centers in total.

HYCA’s orientation is to resonate with the younger generation and therefore aims to build an innovative and customized smart living style for them by breaking the traditional limits of automobile industry marketing, especially to young customers. As part of this new marketing trend, HYCAN is working to digitally connect and reach more users in a rapid and accurate manner. This collaboration with Infobird is one of the significant implementation goals of its more focused digital marketing campaign.

Infobird is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of AI-powered customer engagement solutions in China. For over two decades, Infobird has developed solutions for a variety of business processes — from marketing, customer service to management. Infobird’s products have been utilized by companies across industries, including Cloud Call Center, Omnichannel Cloud Customer Service, Smart Could E-Commerce Marketing, AI voice/text Chatbots, Intelligent quality inspection and Private Realm Operation. Infobird believes these numerous product platforms provide it with significant advantages, especially in the vital areas of customer engagement process understanding.

“To maximize the value of marketing and services by building a smart technology driven center where customers are willing to come and stay.” This idea encompasses Infobird’s outlook on SaaS development and it has been embraced by it partner, HYCAN. Infobird, with its strong track record resources and services, is able to successfully implement a customer journey-based digital marketing program for HYCAN, improving marketing effectiveness through multidimensional customer profiles and accurately reaching them from multiple channels.

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