ORLANDO, Fla., July 03, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Laser Photonics Corporation (NASDAQ: LASE), a leading global industrial developer of CleanTech laser systems for laser cleaning and other material applications, announces a key application for its CleanTech laser system – tire mold cleaning.

CleanTech technology provides manufacturers with a cost-effective and eco-friendly method of removing contaminants from the molds utilized during tire manufacturing. By utilizing this technology, companies are able to increase throughput speeds while saving on costs and eliminating downtime.

“Our CleanTech products excel at removing contaminants from molds,” said Wayne Tupuola, chief executive officer of Laser Photonics. “As the go-to solution provider in our industry, we continue to solve the unique challenges that industry professionals face.”

For more information about the CleanTech line of roughing, conditioning, and finishing laser systems and other CleanTech laser cleaning systems or information on our Service Partner Network, please visit: https://www.laserphotonics.com/spn or contact our sales department at fiberlaser@laserphotonics.com.

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