Rick Lutz

Rick Lutz

Account Manager

Rick Lutz has been working in Investor Relations and Media Relations since 1998 after a decade as a Registered Investment Advisor. He has served as in-house Director of Investor Relations for a number of Nasdaq-listed companies and subsequently branched out into Investor and Media Relations consulting for publicly listed companies. His experience on both sides of corporate communications–as the target audience and the issuer–provides valuable insight into consistent and productive messaging for companies. Rick has served as an investor relations advisor to companies in the microcap space, consulting on press releases, social media outreach, investor presentations, corporate website content and developing financial and broad media relations. including identifying potential investors for management engagement.

Prior to his career in Investor Relations and as an investment broker, Rick served as an officer in the US Army. Upon leaving military service he was employed in sales and marketing in the biotech and health data management industries.

Rick earned a Bachelors in Business Administration and Finance from the University of North Georgia and a MBA from the University of Georgia.

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