Traditional Investor Relations

Message Development

Analyst Relations

Buy-side Marketing

Investment Banking Outreach

Investor Presentations

IPO Roadshows

Regulatory Compliance

Digital Investor Relations

Digital Audits

Well designed and attractive digital platforms to consistently provide valuable content for your target audience is a time-intensive process involving a significant amount of research, writing, editing, publishing, and distribution. We will analyze all of your existing platforms to make sure they are set up properly, create new platforms and adjust where necessary.

Shareholder Base Analyses

Understanding your current investor base is vital to being a public company. We will analyze your shareholder base, identify and target new investors, track milestones and make program adjustments where needed.

  • Identify significant increases or decreases in shareholder ownership
  • Evaluate shareholder ownership mix
  • Target potential new investors
  • Compare your shareholder base against your selected peer group

Editorial Content Creation

We source articles written by leading journalists based on publicly available information such as Investor Presentations, Press Releases, and Research Reports. Our writers will use this information to create compelling investor articles published by leading brands that are accessed by investors worldwide. Once published, TraDigital directs traffic to drive investors to the content. TraDigital secures content over the course of the engagement, distributed in leading publications such as Wall Street Journal, USAToday, NYTimes, Barron’s, MarketWatch, Associated Press, GuruFocus, Seeking Alpha, and Benzinga.

Video Content Creation

Our process leverages AI and ML to drive your video’s relevance at scale. We’ll create a video stack to match your content needs, whether it’s for social media, broadcasting, animation, or branded templates. Our team handles everything from storyboard development, video production and distribution management to digital marketing and audience segementation + research powered by data analytics to make sure your narrative is tested, optimized, and delivered to the right audience at the right time.

Investor Roadshows

Our multi-city Roadshows are designed to educate, inform and generate interest. Our clients meet with Institutional Portfolio Managers, Retail Stockbrokers, RIA’s, and Family Offices.

Digital Marketing & Media Buying

We work across distribution channels, from social media and email marketing to sophisticated paid advertising, to continuously grow and engage your list. With us, your list receives the right content when it’s most appropriate through our advertising partners, which represent the leading financial platforms in the market.

Arran Stewart

Co-Founder & CVO

The Tradigital team has unparalleled knowledge of the investor landscape for small cap businesses. As one of the founders of, I worked directly with the Tradigital team that secured over $15 million in invested capital.

Tradigital provided comprehensive due diligence, processes and a deep sense of learning about our business, product offering and market to best prepare us for investment. Our offering was taken to market very quickly through various face-to-face road shows, most relevantly being matched to the right capital. Tradigital educated on the different types of investment criteria funds would have and the essential need to match 'the money'. Our endeavors were highly successful with Tradigital and would highly recommend them for any organization considering a large level 'seed to series' fund raise.